The Hilleman Family

The Hilleman family farm was established in 1967 by Grandpa Harold Hilleman.  The farm is 160 acres, and is run by three brothers, Randy, Tom, and Mark.  The brothers all became farmers because that’s how they were raised.  Farming is what they knew and what they loved doing.  Randy and Mark returned to the farm after attending Iowa State at which point they asked Tom to come back to the farm as well.The farming practices the brothers perform is niche market Berkshires, no-till/minimum tillage, and integrated pest management.  Pigs are bought off the sow to go into the nursery, then finished in hoops.  Berkshire pigs are the only type of animals you will find on the Hilleman farm.When it comes to their favorite meaty meals, all the brothers have a different pick.  Randy’s favorite is a pork burger with bacon on it; Tom’s choice is Berkshire brats; and Mark’s pick is a big prime rib.  What they do all agree on is that the meals are best shared with all the family.