England Family

England’s Berkshires

Doug England’s 80 acre family farm has been around since 1960.  After graduating from Iowa State University, Doug started out with commercial pigs and eventually switched to all purebred Berkshire’s.

When you ask Doug why he’s a farmer, he jokingly responds with he’s in it for the money (tongue in cheek).  When it comes to his farming practices, he has 30 head of corn-fed beef, 30 Berkshire sows, and no-till on crop ground.  He houses his Berkshire pigs in open-end hoop building so they are free to roam outside while still providing thick bedding and shelter.

His favorite meaty meal is bacon and tomato sandwiches.  When he is not working on the farm, he is spending his time with his wife, Priscilla, 4 sons, and 7 grandchildren.  Some of his grandchildren are following in his footsteps showing Berkshire pigs at the fair and other livestock for 4-H.  Doug serves on the American Berkshire Association (ABA) Board, a former president for the Iowa Berkshire Association, and a long time school board member.