Anderson Family

Owner: Rod Anderson

In 1990 Rod and Pam Anderson bought their family farm. They claim that one thing that makes their farm notable is that it has “a long terrible lane”. Together they farm 160 acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and oats along with 125 head of sheep and around 16 head of cattle. The Anderson’s also raise 250 head of Berkshire sows and sell the majority of the pigs as feeders. Rod and his family enjoy spending time around the animals on the farm, especially the babies. Whether it be piglets, lambs or calves, there seems to be an animal born every day.

Rod follows conventional farming practices including crop rotation, minimal tillage, and minimal use of pesticides and herbicides.  Crop rotation is important for this farm because with older farm buildings, the oats provide ample straw for bedding to keep the animals comfortable during the Iowa winters.  With only 160 acres on the farm, and only half of it tillable, that’s not enough to support all of the animals for an entire year so Rod buys corn and bean meal.  These products are often genetically modified products from other local farmers.

The family’s favorite meaty meal comes from the Berkwood America’s cut boneless loin.  Whether thick-cut into pork chops and seasoned, breaded, then grilled, or cut thin, breaded and fried into tenderloins, they enjoy it all.  Rod and Pam enjoy inviting family and friends over to share this and many other great cuts of meat with while watching a little baseball.