Kuper Family

Kuper Family Farms

Dane Kuper grew up with his four brothers on his family’s century farm where he now works. As Dane and his brothers got older they all focused on different areas of agriculture. Dane runs a cattle management software business, Dallas owns a tile drainage and excavating business, Ross farms, and Reed owns a farmland Realestate business. Their father was a purebred Hampshire seedstock breeder during the 80’s and 90’s, but decided to get out of the business in the 90’s due to the hog crises.

Today the Kuper family farm has grown and consists of 2500 acres of row crop, 1000 head of cattle, and 500 head of Berkshire hogs. The Kuper family says that they really enjoy the part of their business as it comes with “the biggest sense of accomplishment” when raising hogs farrow to finish. Dane also says “It really brings back the independence into the hog market and gives customers a higher quality product”.

Dane says that his advice to younger farmers is to find a niche.The industry can be tough so you should find a niche that allows you to farm independently. When the Kuper family finds free time, they enjoy spending it on the water on either the cedar river or in Okoboji. When asked what their favorite Berkwood product is, they responded saying “The Bacon of Course”. They family enjoys making BLTs with it.