Board of Directors

Doug England

In 2005 Berkwood welcomed Doug England to the board of Directors. However before he was elected to the board, Doug chaired the American Berkshire Association’s first Meat Quality committee where he gained many leadership skills. Dog has been promoting Berkshire pork across the globe since the early 90’s which is why he wanted to be on the board. He said that he wanted to share his knowledge and experiences with others at Berkwood to help guide this group of independent farmers to prosperity. Doug’s main goal is to not only find but also keep good employees and give them the confidence and tools to “Make Berkwood even Greater”. His favorite part about being on the Berkwood team is the excitement of being a successful farmer owned co-op. He says that it is “captivating to be a part of the challenges and the successes”. Doug’s near term vision for the company is to profitably marker all of the new pork, while his long term vision is to continue adding more small- farm families to Berkwood.

After graduating from Iowa State University in 1978 Doug decided to return home where he would farm with his dad and his brother. A few years later, in 1983, Doug purchased his first pure Berkshire sow and in 1984 he showed the champion gilt at the Iowa State Fair. Before graduating, his time at Iowa state came with many experience. Doug worked closely with many breeders for an ultrasound scanning company. After learning more about each breed and meeting all kinds of people, Doug decided he had a passion for the Berkshire industry.

Today Doug’s farm consists of about 500 acres total which includes no-til corn, beans, hay, and pasture. The England’s also run a 30 head commercial cow/calf herd along with a 30 purebred Berkshire seedstock heard. Doug says the best thing about farming is that he gets to be his own boss. He also says that it is rewarding working towards improving farming practices, it is what makes it enjoyable getting up every morning. Doug’s advice to younger farmers is to be passionate about what you do and enjoy it. We asked Doug what his favorite berkwood product is and he said that it is the Spiral Sliced Honey Glazed Hams. The England family is very large which means you need something big (like the Berkwood ham) in order to feed everyone.