Berkshire Pig Diet

pig2We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” But did you know that pearl of wisdom applies especially to pigs? The fat that pigs consume gets redistributed to their muscle fiber, which means a pig’s diet has a significant impact on the pork’s flavor.



Why Berkshire Pork Wins the Taste Test

Pigs that are raised in an industrial environment are fed mostly corn and soybeans, while some farmers feed their pigs garbage scraps and leftover fast food. This unappealing diet leads to greasy, bland-tasting pork. Berkshire pigs, on the other hand, are fed oats, molasses, and fresh produce. This diet, coupled with the marbling Berkshire pigs are genetically predisposed to, contributes to the savory flavor and tenderness of the pork. Side-by-side taste tests conducted by the National Pork Board revealed Berkshire is the preferred choice in the world of pork, as it placed first in nineteen out of twenty traits, including best tasting in all test categories.

Berkwood Farms’ Diet Plan

In true Berkshire fashion, our farmers feed their pigs a grain-based, 100% vegetarian diet. This diet allows our Berkshires to receive the proper vitamins and nutrients they need to be healthy and strong while enhancing the flavor of the pork. We also take pride in knowing that this healthy diet contributes to providing you with the best-tasting pork around. With the beautiful color and marbling, tender texture, and bold flavor, Berkshire pork will be your pork of choice after just one taste!

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