Berkwood Farms consists of a network of small family farmers who take pride in company ownership. They follow a firm set of protocols that are practical, humane and very sustainable.
The producers are very conscientious of how the pigs are raised and do so with the utmost care and attention. Many of our family farmers are using production methods that have been passed down through many generations. Some of our farmers’ ideals when it comes to raising the pigs include:

  • No antibiotics or hormones are used to promote unnatural growth
  • Raised with room to move – our pigs are not kept in confined spaces
  • Fed a wholesome, all-vegetarian, grain-based diet
  • Raised in a manner to minimize stress

At Berkwood Farms Berkshire Pork we take product quality seriously. America’s top chefs take pride in the entrées they present to their clientele, which is why we work to provide the best quality pork to our customers. Our production methods are designed to offer the pigs a more comfortable lifestyle, which we believe results in a more desirable end product.

Berkwood Farms’ Families: 


Garret & Jill Apel

Beason, IL

Dan Helgen

Litchfield, IL


Rich Anderson

Whiting, IA

Rod Anderson

Miles, IA

Barney Bahrenfuse

Grinnell, IA

Kelly & Nina Biensen

State Center, IA

Kris Breach

New Market, IA

Pat & Laurie Cashman

Deep River, IA

Doug & Pricilla England

Clearfield, IA

Keith Henry

Indianola, IA

Randy & Patti Hilleman

St. Anthony, IA

Bryce Neher

Udell, IA

Jake Petersen

Baldwin, IA

Eugene Ruppert

Mallard, IA

Larry Ruppert

Mallard, IA

Tom Spring

Centerville, IA

Ryan Streets

Monmouth, IA

David Swailes

Columbus Junction, IA

Brian Tabor

Baldwin, IA

Noel & Mary Texeira

Zearing, IA


Doug & Betty Metzger

Seneca, KS


Troy & Gina Seybold

Wilcox, NE


Nick & Katie Crosby

Lancaster, WI