Petersen Family

Owner: Jacob Petersen

What year did you start farming?
Started in 2014, parents and grandparents also farmed previously

How big is your farm?
750 acres

What does your farm consist of? 
Berkshires farrow to finish, ewe flock, stock cows, corn, hay

What is something notable about your farm?
I run my farm, and I am awesome. Therefore, my farm is awesome.

What is your favorite Berkwood Farms product?

What is your favorite activity besides farming?

Jake Petersen farms the land that was founded by his grandfather in the 1940’s. The farmland consists of 320 acres of corn and beans, and an additional 50 acres for hay.
Jake is a farmer for a multitude of reasons, but really enjoys being independent and self-employed. He loves the outdoors and knew he would never be able to work indoors at sit down job. Jake’s farming practices include rotational grazing and minimal to no-till to be in sync with nature. The farm consists of 120 cows and calves and 90 head of Berkshire sows for his farrow-to-finish pig operation. Jake’s favorite meaty meal is smoked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh greens and homemade bread.