100% Berkshite Pork

Healthy Environment

At Berkwood Farms, we firmly believe in raising our Berkshire pigs the way nature intended, with the utmost respect and humane treatment that aligns with our high moral standards. Our pigs have plenty of land to roam and play, but when mother nature’s elements take a harsh turn, the pigs can stay safe and dry in our […]

Berkshire Pig Diet

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” But did you know that pearl of wisdom applies especially to pigs? The fat that pigs consume gets redistributed to their muscle fiber, which means a pig’s diet has a significant impact on the pork’s flavor.     Why Berkshire Pork Wins the Taste Test […]

Ecologically Sustainable

Humane animal husbandry and earth-friendly production practices ensure ecologically sustainable farms. As owners, we are proud that Berkwood Farms is one of the most economically and environmentally sustainable food companies.     Sustainable Pig Farming Practices Our farmers understand that in order to provide you with the best-quality pork for years to come, it is […]


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Our Farmers

Petersen Family

Owner: Jacob Petersen What year did you start farming? Started in 2014, parents and grandparents also farmed previously How big is your farm? 750 acres What does your farm consist of?  Berkshires farrow to finish, ewe flock, stock cows, corn, hay What is something notable about your farm? I run my farm, and I am awesome. […]

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