100% Berkshite Pork

Healthy Environment

Our Berkshire pigs are raised with plenty of room to roam and play with access to fresh air while also being able to take shelter from mother natures harsh elements. We take pride in raising an all natural pig the way nature intended.

Berkshire Pig Diet

Pigs take on the flavor of what they eat, so we feed our pigs a grain based, 100% vegetarian diet. This diet allows our animals to get the needed vitamins and nutrients to grow up healthy and strong while enhancing the flavor of the pork allowing us to provide you with the best tasting pork […]

Ecologically Sustainable

Humane animal husbandry and earth-friendly production practices ensure ecologically sustainable farms. As owners, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that Berkwood Farms is one of the most economically and environmentally sustainable food companies.


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